Tutorial Novice Out of The City (2)

Tip: If you want to practice mining (Koji-mining), and metal work (smithing-cast fencing), we had better stay here, because this is the most convenient practice fencing and mining the Secretary cast a place where you can quickly upgrade here . In particular, cast swordplay, more difficult to go out after practice. There perseverance simply good practice in here.

If we want to leave the train as soon as customs, do not want to continue to practice hard mining and metal work in the basement, follow me! In accordance with the arrow directed to an iron gate next to the open access, and take a samurai sword and shield to talk. Conversation is completed, the control interface, there are things you blink, it is your weaponry place.

Equipment, you just create a dagger (dagger), and then, and samurai to speak. He will give you a bronze sword (bronze sword) and the wooden shield (wooden shield), click on them, you are on the equipment. At this time you are fighting flash interface (two swords cross icon), click, see the four options, followed by: stab (stab), Lunge (sprint), slash (hacking), block (defensive back ), the first a practice attack (Attack), the second and third exercises the power (strength), the fourth defensive practice. Practice attack is to enhance the accuracy of your attacks, exercises to enhance your attack power is the ceiling, so that every attack of anti-blood enemies to raise the ceiling, there are many other non-practice, specialized practice it.

Practice defense allows you to increase the success rate of defense against the enemy and reduce the injury of blood limit. Want to see your data in this regard, click the button next attack saw.

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