The Map of The Mining Runescape Free Player

Everybody is good, I RuneScape Gold recently in the research of data mining, just mining, don’t do that. The smelting The runescape money best way is to take a pickaxe rune, this is the best free users, and then find and pick his grade of ore, then find is the nearest bank from the mining area, the mining, and then sent to crazy mining Banks that the mining level can rapidly rising. I would like to use this method. Then I RuneScape Account found a free users, each of the 18 mining area has several minerals, and what’s the nearest bank. This article believed to practice the skills of mining mining player very valuable, I found the 18th place, but certainly not all mining, hope the players to find more mining and recent bank to fill me!

This picture first preached to you, and go after the download is best, red circle Runescape Powerleveling with the arrow is mine, red is the nearest bank point, line is not necessarily the path of the route, just recently expressed the direction of the ore mineral, because the bank has to blame, mining, some players have the high level of combat, so afraid, afraid of low level of some strange attack, so the Runescape Items route affirmation is not the wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone out there a very merry Christmas & fantastic New Year.

Thank you all for another wonderful year and maintaining as the world’s most popular free game. We have always believed it’s our great community that makes us so special and sets us aside from the rest, so we really wanted to wish everyone out there all the joy, peace, great memories and love of the season!

We have our biggest year to date planned for 2010 and we are excited about being able to share it with you over the coming year.

God bless and see you all in 2010!