White Guthix Sleeps Members Tutorial

The first one is Guthix Sleeps, jagex grandmaster task is connected to the official connected. MissionRuneScape Gold really have difficulty, also very rich is I finish the task texture

Including 400k xp and a piece of metal dragon traffic random initial value, 10M (price).

This task is very high:Summoning to 55 to 23, Hunter, Thieving, 60 to 65 to Defence, Farming, to 65 to 65 Herblore, Magic, Defender to 75 Varrock of Dream and have in Hand, that ‘s RuneScape Account Ransom, stillbirth, Legends, Mourning’ s’ Quest invites the Temple ‘ts II (one), the Path of Glouphrie, intend for business, ‘bother, Swan Song, serve for Guthix of Flesh, Zogre Eaters, eligible for entry to Warriors’ that shares blackart lens and Chaos in Tunnels defeated Bork, 270 Quest Points.

270 quest points means that you need to finish the task before every game so far.

Task:1 and the legend that shares blackart lens Radimus Erkle dialogue to task, he will let you go looking for Sophista that Ivy.2 in the Sophista that Ivy Taverley with crystal. Open the box on the second floor of the dragon and the required.3 and Sophista that Ivy is maintained, select “dialogue in common places near totems” stipulated.4 then BangBian and the Thaerisk Cemphier dialogue, then there will be 2 level 38 killer, continue to kill that you need to dialogue, varrock library.5 and varrcok castle Reldo dialogue, the library that you need to find Movario, You need some animals come looking for the person, Reldo advise you to find a hunter expert to help you.6 you bring to the Feldip logs, Hills, hunter expert hunter expert will teach you how to catch wild boar (broav), and give you a Myre Mort Fungi.7. To the aircraft were put on a pitfall, fungi, you will catch broav hunter and expert, he will help you into your pet.8. To the laundry di and Fight Arena laundryman dialogue, pay 5000 pieces of charos ring or Movario, the dirtycloth.9 Khazard to find a Battleground, between the two did have house, in the next two broav Runescape Items down dirtycloth, on broav, you will find a trap after the run to go inside, down the stairs, you will find a closed door.